Clarke Focus II Disk 28

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High capacity, long run times, simple operation

Whether you need a conventional disc-powered scrub deck, a cylindrical model for rough or textured floors, or the green-cleaning sustainability of BOOST® Technology, there’s a rugged, reliable Clarke® Focus® II Mid-Size Scrubber that can improve your floor cleaning efficiency.

Clarke® Focus® II Mid-Size – Disc 28
Powered by two heavy-duty brush motors, Clarke’s conventional disc floor scrubbers are designed for efficient, everyday cleaning.

  • Quiet operation allow use in noise-sensitive areas
  • Chemical Mixing System (optional) ensures precise mixture of chemicals and water
  • Patented Pulse-Modulated Solution Control delivers precise, consistent solutions to floor surface
  • Gimble-Mounted Brushes and Pad Drivers ride easily over uneven floors, ensuring even scrubbing agitation
  • Ergonomically placed controls, including distinctive yellow “palm buttons,” ensure easy operation for almost any operator
  • Onboard battery charger allows re-charging in any location, reducing downtime
  • Clarke® Green-Certified Equipment
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